Our bagels made with a special fermented vegetable yeast starter created by a monk in Japan in 1974. Our bagels are delicious, fluffy, and easier on the stomach.

The vegetable yeast starter feeds on carrots, apples, yamaimo (Japanese mountain yam), and rice. The monks believed this bread promotes purification in the stomach.

Plain,   Black Sesame , Everything, Garlic, and Turmeric/Cinnamon/Raisin

Growing up, Bagel Bunny’s founder, Sakura Smith, enjoyed bagels made by her mother using a yeast starter from her Japanese preschool teacher, who got it from a monk in 1974. Sakura brought this starter to NYC in 2016 and started baking for friends. Now, it’s Bagel Bunny!

Feed the yeast: Rice, carrots, apples, and yamaimo.

Mix and knead: Late at night.

Rise: Overnight.

Boil and bake: Fresh every day.

We wake up early to feed the starter and make each bagel with care. It’s rewarding work that brings joy to many.

Come try our bagels Thursday - Sunday from 8:30am-12pm at The Izakaya, 326 E. 6th St., all summer long in NYC. We’re excited to see you!