Meet the Brooklyn Baker Making Bagels Out of Japanese Vegetable Yeast

Sakura Smith uses an inherited starter from the 1970s to create a different kind of NYC bagel.

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Sakura Smith is reinventing the New York City bagel

Fermented yeast from the mountains of Japan finds its way to Brooklyn through Bagel Bunny.

The Malibu Times

Young Malibu woman gets rave reviews for her unusual bagels


Breaking Down With Sakura Smith

We first had Sakura Smith’s wild fermented vegetable yeast bagels at a friend’s event in the summer. Sakura served them with herb cream cheese and heirloom tomato, name a more perfect summer snack. Sakura’s innovative bagel has since become a small business called Bagel Bunny, a made-to-order one woman show. She is redefining the expectation of a bagel, and in NYC nonetheless.

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Inside the Home Kitchens of Five Professional Chefs

Founder of Bagel Bunny, a fermented vegetable yeast bagel brand.

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Fresh Starts with Sakura Smith

Sakura Smith brought a whole new meaning to the New York classic when she founded Bagel Bunny. Made with a starter passed down from a Japanese monk, her hand-rolled bagels have become true cult favorites, and Sakura with them, known for her lovingly-crafted menus, her palpable warmth, and her distinct personal style. Join us for a morning in Sakura’s Soho apartment where she shared the secrets behind her process and more, self-styled in pieces from our resort collection.


Sakura Smith, The Bagel Bunny